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Many thanks to Steve Green for the photographs of Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra, Steve Tanner for the photographs of Theatre Alibi, and Barney Witts for the I Am Joan photograph. Thanks also to the theatre designers, including Trina Bramman and Philip Witcombe, whose sets and costumes glow from the pages of this website.


Many thanks too to the many amazing musicians and singers who can be heard performing on this site. Apologies to anyone who has been left out.


Seal Woman

Ruby Aspinall (harp).

Rachel Thomas (vocals).

Thomas Johnson (vocals).

Craig Edwards (narration).


Mechanicals' Procession

Roy Weskin (sax).

Dan Tuite (trombone).

Thomas Johnson (accordion).

Robert Stephenson (drum).


West Egg Wiggle

Loveday Smith (trumpet).

Steve Watts (trumpet).

Georgina Field (alto sax).

? (tenor sax).

? (trombone/vocal).

Owen Aaronovitch (tuba).


Everything is Illuminated

Andy Tweed (soprano sax).

Sam Dunn (electric guitar).



Geoff Harmer (clarinet).

Nicola Burnett-Smith (clarinet).

? (lead vocal).

Carrie Whale (vocals).

Ros Mullan (vocals).


The Snowqueen

? (soprano voice).

Ros Phillips (vocals/speaking).

? (soprano sax).

Harry Napier (cello).

Adrian Preater (speaking/glockenspiel).

Dan Tuite (speaking).


Tir Na N-Og

Zara Ramm (vocals).

Thomas Johnson (violin, accordion, guitar, vocals).


Horses? What Horses?

Eddy Jay (accordion).

Sarah Blowers, Adrian Brett, Naomi Said (vocals).


Street of Bugles

Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra (conductor Glyn Oxley).

Gloucestershire Youth Choir (conductor Ben Sawyer).

Beauregard Choir.



Stroud Community Choir (conductor Karen Debonnaire).

Ros Stephen (violin).

? (violin).

? (cello).

Dave Blackmore (soprano sax/clarinet).

Jules Walkington (double bass).

Sean Randle (percussion).


New Day

Rachel Thomas, Zara Ramm (vocals).

Harry Banks (ukelele).

Thomas Johnson (violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar).

Saffron Young (double bass).



Thomas Johnson (violin).

Pete Rosser (accordion).

Jules Wallkington (double bass).

Simon Preston (drums).



Thomas Fripp (electric guitar).

Amy Blair (vocals).

Liberation Day & Falling in Love With You

Rebecca Killick, Peter Edwards, Nik Howden, Stephen Leask (vocals).

Amy Sergeant (electric guitar).

Julie Walkington (double bass).

Rhii Williams (drums).

Mixed by Jon Everett.

Oh Mistress Mine

John O'Mahony (vocals & ukelele).

Four Songs for the End of Wars (chimes)

Recorded by Simon McCorry.

Songs You Can Sing On A Small Train

Karen Hayes (vocals).

Thomas Johnson (guitar, accordion).

Apple John: a Suite

Semay Wu (cello).

Thomas Johnson (violin, electric guitar, accordion).

Recorded by Duncan Chave






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